Birth Pools

GM Medical offers the innovative and functional birth pools from English Active Birth Pools.

The birth pools are made of a unique patented material called Ficore, which is significantly better than the materials commonly used for this type of pool. Ficore gives the tubs an ultra-smooth finish that is soft and warm to the touch, but at the same time has a fantastic friction ability, so the tub does not get slippery, even when it is wet!

Ficore enables a physiological design with curved shapes that make the birth pools comfortable and easy to use.

See danish product sheet with Three of Active Birthpool’s birth pools and Febromed delivery room accessories.

See Active Birthpool’s catalog (27 pages), brochure (4 pages) and information sheet (1 active page) – and visit if necessary Active Birthpool’s website.

Click on the individual birth pools below for a pdf with more pictures and measurements on the birth pool.

Birth pools


Birth pools

Active II

Birth pools


Birth pools

Venus I

Birth pools

Venus II

Visualize the birth pools in your own department in 3D. Click on the image to read more. Click on the link here to get started.

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