ONsim XV2 360-simulation

XV2 and XV2 Lite are two new interactive systems for 360-simulation (360 degree interactive simulation). With XV2, you as a user – typically at an educational institution – can create scenarios yourself, and then use them for individual or group learning. With XV2 Lite, you can do individual or group learning with your already existing scenarios.

The UNsims Creation Pack for XV2 is a combination of hardware and software that, via a simple procedure, makes it possible to create interactive scenarios. With this, you can bring your ideas to life in high definition and engage your participants via their own virtual video helmet/goggles.

Once your scenarios are in place, the system is easy to set up and use in teaching. There is nothing to configure, just plug in the router and turn on the devices.

The software allows you to control an unlimited number of virtual video helmets/goggles as long as they are on the same network.

Contact us for a local presentation and talk about the possibilities for you! – See how the system works in the video here: