TwinStream and Twinstream ICU offer the latest jet ventilation technology from Austrian Carl Reiner.

TwinStream Multi Mode Respirator for tubeless jet laryngoscopy, jet bronchoscopy, jet tracheoscopy and all types of jet ventilation in surgery and intensive care. TwinStream is the first microprocessor-powered high-frequency jet ventilation device and sets a whole new standard in jet ventilation.

Twinstream ICU stands for lung-protective ventilation for emergency patients. Offers efficient and safe oxygenation and ventilation and is the only system on the market with pulsatile Bi-Level Ventilation (p-BLV). This means optimal gas exchange, respiratory gas treatment and transmission of pressure wave amplitude in the lung. A major advance over conventional ventilation systems.

TwinStream can jet ventilate with both normo and high frequency and patients up to 200 kg. Offers Lasersafe mode.

See more about TwinStream here and Twinstream ICU here.

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