GM Medical – we are local in all of Scandinavia

In Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia, GM Medical represents a wide range of the globally strongest suppliers of medical devices and consumables.

Below you will find an alphabetical list of GM Medical OY partners.

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Active Birth Pools

Since 1987, Active Birth Pools has delivered thousands of innovative and functional feeding vessels to hospitals worldwide.

Active Birth Pools uses the patented material Ficore® to create feeding vessels in a physiological and sculpted design that is the absolute best on the market when it comes to comfort, durability, hygiene and functionality.


Body Interact

Founded in 2008, Body Interact has always been 100% focused on delivering innovative digital healthcare solutions.

With a talented team, we have consistently combined science, design and technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions for medical training, patient approval and improved care.


Butterfly Networks

American Butterfly Networks has launched a revolutionary ultramobile multisensor ultrasound scanner, Butterfly iQ, which uses 9,000 patented micro-sensors to recreate any type of transducer – Linear, Phased or Curved.



Austrian CARL REINER is synonymous with innovative development and production of medical technology, especially in the fields of anesthesia, pulmology, cardiology, urology and ENT.

Internationally, the company established a new standard in jet ventilation equipment in 2006 and took the position as technological leader in superimposed high-frequency jet ventilation (SHFJV).



French ONsim specializes in a virtual 3D system for creating and distributing 360 degree content. ONsim enables everyone to create 360 degree ‘realities’ and thus brings a new dimension to medical learning.



Airway Limited started the development of the ORSIM bronchoscopy simulator in 2006.

The system is designed as an affordable solution to meet the need to improve bronchoscopy training. Orsim virtual reality bronchoscopy simulator is a combination of a small, fast laptop with the latest computer graphics and simulation technology.

The development is led by an anesthesiologist who specializes in airway management and flexible bronchoscopy.



TruCorp is a market leader in airway mannequins via realistic airways, created on the basis of CT scans. The company offers a wide range of anatomically correct airway heads for training in airway management and surgical procedures.

All adult and child models also have the ability to simulate tongue edema.